My World

by Steve Stacy


My friends and I use to draw stories featuring us.  When we would meet some freak we would put them into the story as the villain soon to be destroyed by us (for the better of mankind.)  They are a lot of fun to do.  Here will feature some of our better stories, re-mastered (redrawn) for production purposes.  Who knows, maybe I can get a few of my friends to contribute to this series.  Updated sporadically. 

Click on the thumbnail to pull up the strip. I've added navagation buttons in the pages for easier surfing. See how much I care about you, the reader?  


 The news continues to get worse.  No TIVO? 
 When good zombie sock puppets go bad. 
 Crimson raises his evil army of the dead.
 Me and my bat would like to have a few words with Crimson.
 Crimson the new blood voo doo priest.  
Who is behind the resurrection of the sock puppets?  Part 1:
 Remastered part 2. My world is about to kick it cheeze niz style. Stay tuned.
 Remastered thanks to Photoshop. Marc and Derek are two friends I've known over half my life. They have appeared in numerous adventures I've drawn. The stories really don't make sense or hold logic. Whatever I think of I draw and they are my sidekicks. Got a few other friends that will appear here in the near future. Ted, Danny and Ken, I'm looking your way. You all will be famous.
 Behold one of many villains. This is TeaMan. In high school I worked at Wendy’s and this slug would come in every night and order a cup of tea. And get his free refills all night long. Each time he would come up to get another cup of tea; his cup would be covered with gooey, clear, mucus looking substance. There’s more to the story and you’ll find out how much more when my crew goes to battle. TeaMan, you’re a menace to society and it’s time we take you out . . . once and for all.


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