The RadioActive HotDog  by Steve Stacy

Who is the Radioactive Hotdog?  Only the greatest superhero of all time.  Read his chronicles here.  Updated sporadically (at least weekly. . . sometimes more often) but don't just read each adventure once.  Make a game of it.  Read one the reread it pretending you haven't read it before.  

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Episode 18:  Killing orphans makes you a murderer.

Episode 17:  A very special Radioactive Hotdog.  We learn about the value of radioactivity. 

Episode 16:  Nobody will ever see this episode.. 

Episode 15:  Who wants to kill America?  Probably some red commie freak.  Not on my watch, buddy. 

Episode 14:  The Puffin Punisher. 

Episode 13:  Yo Yo Ninjas. 

Episode 12:  Happy Easter. 

Episode 11:  When good potatoes go bad. 

Episode 10: One eyed Timmy learns about friendship.

Episode 9: All Timmy wants for Christmas is an eye.

Episode 8: The Grim Reaper.

Episode 7: Hungry eyes.

Episode 6: Dance, little orphan, dance.

Episode 5: Street cred.

Episode 4: Don't make him angry.

Episode 3: Evil in the city.

Episode 2: The meaning of Christmas.

Episode 1: Radioactive Hotdog helps an old woman.

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