Keenspace has a great forum.  A question was posted "What if Keenspace had it's own reality TV show?"  And the artists showed off their best.  The first part can be found here: Spacejams.  The original thread is here:  Keenspace Forums: Reality TV Thread and the second thread can be found here: Keenspace Fourms: Reality TV Season 2 Thread .  My contributions are below with the current season at top.  Read each season from top to bottom.  As stated below all characters in this thread are copyright their respective creators.  Three seasons and still going strong.  

I am in the process of updating this page and setting up navigation buttons to each strip so you can just click through them without having to back out of the image.  I've got about half of season 1 done.  It's slow and time consuming but I'll eventually get it.


KeenReality TV Extra

This stuff really doesn't fit in Season 4 or Season 5 (which has started and has some great strips you can check out by clicking this sentence).

Now be warned some of the extras I present have offensive language (Namely Strips 7-15).   The rest are pretty safe.

Strip 19 (Now with Moses)

Strip 16 

Strip 17

Strip 18 

Strip 15

Strip 14

Strip 13

Strip 12

Strip 11

Strip 10

Strip 9

Strip 8

Strip 7

Strip 6

Strip 5

Strip 4

Strip 3

Strip 2

Strip 1



KeenReality TV Season 4

Link to Season 4 thread.  Check out all the cool postings. 

Crossfire clone: Spokesclone for our generation. 
How many giants can one island hold? 
Crossfire was paid well for this commercial. . . very well. 
King K-Dawg vs. Beerzilla (Supernerdcore) 
What's better than a real Steve?  Coconut Steve cause he's full of creamy coconut goodness. 
McDuffies. . . you disgust me.  Take your chicken breast and leave this restaurant!  
King K-Dawg 
Nanda and Corgan scheme. 
Season 3 ended with a plane crash on a tropical island stranding all of us.  Season 4 begins. 




KeenReality TV Season 3

Link to Season 3 thread.  Coolness about.  And Corgan ends the season with a bang.  Good job Corg. 

Season 3 has begun.  Here is my first contribution to the season.  Seems like the media loves a great story.  And the Corgan/Grace story is the hottest story around.  
I pledge my allegiance to Pocket Kitty.  Her army continues to grow.
I slowly begin to lose my mind as the dark side slowly takes over.
When Pocket Kitty takes over she said "milk and fish for everyone".  Two great taste that taste great together.
I'm not too happy about Grace and Corgan's wedding.  
Corgan had used the word "breasticles" in a previous strip.  Van and I had the exact same idea and it was a race as to see who could get it out there the quickest.  I won. . . or did I?  I had to draw breasticles.  Now they haunt my dreams.
First, if bad language offends you, avoid this block.  Mooman decides to give Van and me a variety show.  And we are not the two most politically correct individuals.  Van does have a good idea for a children's show.   
This really doesn't have anything to do with the story.  I had just learned layers in Photoshop and was playing around.  So I sold it as Keenspace Babies-A Mooman production to whore out the Keenspace brand.
The King of all Clones.
There are some characters in this series I feel like I've got a good grip on artwise.  I'm happy with the way I draw Noise Monkey and Faceless.  Others I'm still struggling on, such as McDuffies.  I haven't been real pleased with my version of Nanda's Ugly Girl until now.  I think I've done her justice in my style.
Grace and Corgan tie the knot. . . almost.
We arrive in Vegas.  Supernerdcore has a life altering experience.
Nanda is so. . so. . beautiful


KeenReality TV Season 2

Season 2 begins.  This is my first contribution to the season.  Grim has a new love. . . Grace.  Who knew this would lead to possible wedding bells?
I make peace with Grace. . . sort of.  She did turn me into a pile of ash after all.  And you can't grope with no arms.
Okay, this strip just plain sucks.  I had writers block and the art is lame.  But I hadn't posted anything in awhile and was trying to get back into the fold.
I really like the look of thess strips.  It was the beginning of the battle of the clones.  Like so many story arcs I had planned I never finished it.  Other strips get posted and you adjust and adapt.  That's what makes the forum fun.  You never know where the story's going.  This also opens up a running gag of any new unknown housemate is going to die a horrible death.
Protectmyballs did a strip where he thought he saw Laurel's nipple through her T-shirt, which put the males in the house into frenzy mode.  She claimed it was just a "coffee stain".  Yeah. . . Right.
Uglygirl arrives.  There were so many great strips with her and other Spacers.  I didn't do them justice with this one.
Van Douchebag was one of a few Keenspacers I was hoping would join the house.  We are both sick individuals and I figured we'd make a good duo.  See our Steve and Van show in season three and I think you'll agree.
I really like McDuffies art style.  This was my poor attempt at drawing in his style.  
It was time to put the clone story to rest so I did this rather anti-climatic strip.
Crossfire had a huge ending to the clone story that hadn't got posted.  So I had to bring the clones back.  I'm too lazy to draw a new strip so I tweaked the dialogue a little and BAM they're back.
Bad words.  Intense anger.  Grace decides she loves Corgan.  I'm not too happy about that.


KeenReality TV Season 1

 A question was posed in the Keenspace forums asking "what if Keenspace had a reality TV show?" The result is an awesome thread. This was my first strip in this series featuring Crossfire, Pimpette and Supernerdcore.  They hadn't been in the house for a week before they burned it to the ground.  See what happens when you leave these kids alone.  Not my best work.  At this time I wasn't drawing much and didn't have my website functional.  I just posted in the forum and become addicted.  Season 1 can be credited to me finding my muse again.  Big thanks to everyone. 
My first appearance in the series. Also featuring McDuffies, Crossfire and Faceless.  90% of my strips feature discussion of nipples, sex toys, and other forbidden body parts.
Grace of BOMC appears here. She had just completed her 666th post to which I jokingly responded in the forum to go drink the blood of a newborn.  She replied "done and done. . . and I mean done."  I slept with my bible nearby that night.
The first story arc of the season featured The Loser Hero stealing a pink bra.  The ladies (Grace and Laurel argue over who's it is.)  I graciously offer my assistance to settle this arguement.
Crossfire introduced a box 'o' stuff into the house. One of the best additions to the home. Opened up infinity angles. Featuring Crossfire, Ryan and Supernerdcore.  The box has spawned many items. . . the most notable was the clones (featured later).
Earlier in the story Noisemonkey was introduced as a compulsive pisser.  His goal was to pee on everything in the house and he succeeded.  Featuring Noisemonkey and Mooman (our announcer).
Featuring McDuffies and K-Dawg.  This is another one of my favorites.  
The Loser Hero is obsessed with bras, Supernerdcore is obsessed with beer, and I'm obsessed with boobs.  Not a winning combo.
Mooman interviews Pimpette. Noisemonkey predicts showers.  
Faceless cures Noisemonkey of his compulsive peeing.  Faceless and Noisemonkey were two of my favorite characters in Season 1.  They were so much fun to draw and I loved their interaction.  Honestly, I could have made a hundred strips on these two.
McDuffies had gone out one night (in real life) and got incredibly drunk.  He posted in another thread as to how drunk he was.  That inspired this strip.  Thanks McDuffies. . . you should drink more.
This is one of my favorite story arcs.  The evil Kris X decides to take out her adversary once and for all.  It involves beer, lots of beer, and a 16 inch vibrating sex toy.  This four part story was intended to be part of a trilogy which included the trial.  The whole story arc was created with one idea and that was to have Laurel go to the police station to get her dresser drawer back in a rip off of the Austin Powers 'That's not my Swedish penis pump' skit.  Alas it never came to pass.  Who knows I may change add the other strips and finish the arc.
We ran the Noisemonkey peeing on everything into the ground.  It was time for him to move on.  What better way than to take up flashing.
With Noisemonkey and McDuffies arrested we had find replacements. Faceless didn't like the replacements.
Supernerdcore stuck a bottle on Noisemonkey's noisemonkey in an earlier strip.  Here he tries to remove it with little success.
Noisemonkey and Grace.  Just a doodle I did. 
This was done around Christmas. McDuffies was still in jail and the house didn't want him to spend Christmas alone. Of course he doesn't celebrate Christmas in December so it was all for nothing.  It was really strange.  I hadn't been a member of Keenspace but for a couple of months and was a newbie in the forums.  The KeenReality Season 1 thread really brought our group together.  I got a little sentimental with this series.  Hey, us Keenspacers are family after all.
As 2004 came to an end I decided to do a quick recap of the action that had taken place, to give newcomers to the thread a chance to catch up on the action then contribute to the thread itself. The best thing keenreality has going for it is there are no rules which leaves it wide open for story ideas.  The recap served another purpose.  I love drawing stick figures and this gave me an excuse.  It's a pretty basic summary but you get the idea.
  1st Strip
  2nd Strip
Continued Continued Continued Continued Continued
Continued Continued Continued Continued Continued
Continued Continued Continued Continued Continued
End of recap and beginning of 2005.
Corgan Dane introduced his grim reaper into the house earlier. His mission: To kill Crossfire.  Faceless is so much fun to draw and is just an all around cool character.  


This is a reality show.  And Mooman is out of a job if nobody watches.  But things never run smoothly in the Keenspace house.
Ferguson enters the house.  
The bra wearing Crossfire and trenchcoat wearing Noisemonkey face off. This was my final strip of the original thread. *wipes tear from eye*  The season was locked and Season 2 opened up.


Here are the artists/characters that appeared in the reality series to date (in the strips I've done) and their respective websites.  

All content in the keenspace reality TV thread and the strips above   their respective creators. 

Crossfire-Providing DNA for clones worldwide

Pimpette-Protecting pocket kitty from evil

BOMC-Grace, our devil woman


Rkolter- Resident floating ball of gas

KrisX-Our pocket kitty

mcDuffies-Our "other cat"

Faceless-Resident cyborg.

Ferguson-The only sane one of the group. . . so far

Mooman-Every Reality TV show has a reporter.  Mooman is ours

Noise Monkey-Just hanging out. . literally 

Phact0rri-I haven't had a chance to put PhactOrri in a strip to date but that will change

Corgan Dane-Grim Reaper and Grace's future husband. . .if all goes according to plan.

CJ Burgundy-Our sexy pizza delivery gal

Humbug-The lawn bug

Browneyed cat-One of the few viewers of our show

Stinkywigfiddle-Resident madman

The Neko-Up to no good

Protect my balls-Our other viewer

Spriteville-Resident sprite

Nanda-Yeah. . . Uglygirl

Van Douchebag-My partner in crime

[AOD]-Wha?  Huh?  Zigga zigga umpa lue

Doc Brown-Came to take out the clones

K-Dawg-Resident lawyer


That's all I've got to date.  There will be others as the house is always growing.


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