Newton's Theory by Steve Stacy

Current cast of characters-
Newton:  Resident genius of his 1st grade class.  Lives with grandparents.  Whereabouts of real parents unknown.  Known for unleashing a T-Rex on the community.  
Grandpa:  Grandpa has been through a lot in his life.  His younger life held partying with Motley Crew and Kiss to being on of the original MTV VJ's.  He has accepted the fact that he is old.  Unlike his counterparts.
Moby:  This naive pot belly pig cruises through life without a clue.  As long as he has his cable TV he's happy.  Still thinks Michael Jackson is innocent and would like a trip to Neverland Ranch to meet the King of Pop. 
Dorsey:  Local environmentalist and animal rights activist.  Not too pleased with the current administration's stance on the environment and does not rule out extreme tactics to save Mother Earth and it's precious inhabitants (excluding humans).
Dakota:  Leader of Troop 112.  She spends summer breaks tracking down terrorists and fighting to keep America safe.  Spent last summer in a bamboo cage in North Korea on a recon mission gone bad.
Mama's Boy and Jiminy Mantis:  MB (Mama's Boy) is the victim of a mother who wants to raise her child gender neutral with no masculine influences at all.  MB's conscious is a chain smokin' Praying Mantis with a mission in turning Mama's Boy into a man. 
Jordan:  Understands there's a conspiracy perpetrated by the "man" to keep Jordan down.  And it is his duty to fight the "man" every step of the way. 
Kirby:  Resident 1st grade bully.  He has a very short fuse.  Just stay out of his way and you'll be fine. . . I think.
The Rat Pack:  Newton's lab rats.  They hate cats and loathe humans.  Except for Newton, who they feel is like a large rat. 
Woody:  Sexist pig.  Loud mouthed.  Self centered.  Arrogant.  What's not to love?  
Camelot:  Being a squirrel is all fun and games until you're hit by a car.
Shakes, the ebola ridden spider monkey.  Nuff said.
More to come:

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